22.3 AUTUMN 2015


Co-editors in the Mental Health in Comics series

Meg John Barker, Joseph de Lappe and Caroline Walters


Introduction The editors

Graphic Memoirs, Creativity and Mental Distress Caroline Walters

The Lobotomobile Kate Tibbetts

A Single Bound: Transcending mental illness through comic books Jason Darrah

Tony Stark / Iron Man and PTSD John Hatagan and Craig This

The Madness of Superman as Depicted by Alan Moore Tony Keen

One of Those People – A collaborative graphic novel John G. Swogger and Liesl Swogger

Sasha Garwood Interviews Katie Green

In The Studio Caren Messing

The Lighter Side of Anxiety Disorders Michelle Grimley

A Dog is For Life … cont. Brick

Recovery in the Bin: Key principles agreed and adopted by group members

Put Poetry into the Job Centre and Leave CBT for Somewhere More Appropriate … Janet Haney

Swimming Upstream: Healthcare professionals and electroshock Bonnie Burstow

Book reviews

News and Findings