22.2 SUMMER 2015

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Co-editors in the Mental Health in Comics series

Meg John Barker, Joseph de Lappe and Caroline Walters


Introduction The editors

Leonard Roy Frank – Obituary from www.madinamerica.com

Drawing Comics and Social Aspects of Mental Health Meg John Barker

Ronnie Laing, Jack Kirky and Me: The day the world turned dayglo Alex Read

Cheese or Ham? Wendy Couchman, Trish Hafford-Letchfield & Kate Leonard

Comics, Cross-Media and Mental Health Matthew Green interviews Ravi Thornton

Dreams of the Endless: Despair, delirium and representations of mental health Sasha Garwood

After Depresso  or How I Learned to Do Something with Being Bonkers Brick

A Dog is for Life Brick

‘… Rorschach. He’s sick in his mind.’ Katharine Hubbard

The Autistic Rights Movement (ARM UK)

Validation or Invalidation: To be or not to be? Mark Bertram

Supertanker on a Sixpence Adrian Kenton

LETTER : Alec Jenner Remembered James Stalker

Depression & Gladness (POEM) Anon

Book Review Jordan Reyes

News & Reports